Getting Shit Done

Lately I’ve had a hard time maintaining my focus once I find the time to sit down and have some me time. Between the kids, working full time, keeping the house running, and everything else that comes up it has been difficult. In the last two months have begun to get my website in better shape, organize my home office and have a calendar and notebook handy. I have found I need the organization in my life.

I find myself to be a paper a pencil kind of girl although I know I can store information on my phone I have found I am better off when I can physically see what I have coming up, what bills are due, and what has been paid. I mean with five kids all having their own school events, doctors appointments and then having my husbands schedule it would be nice not to wake up in the middle of the night because I remember something last minute. I will say just Friday I woke up started to do my thing only to remember that Michael had his graduation pictures and it was after 9 when I remembered. There was just no way I was going to make it to his school and be at a doctors appointment for Brooklyn, Julio and myself. Wasn’t happening.

So with so many of us and so much going on how do I say focused? How are you not suppose to forget anything?

I don’t think there is honestly a way. We are all human and no matter the technology, the amount of pen and paper we will forget things. My main focus is to keep my little humans alive, attend as many of the important events as possible and make it to see another day. If I have done that, well than I call it a great day!

Have you tried essential oils? Have you heard of Doterra?

Share it Saturday:

4 drops of wild orange, 4 drops of peppermint in the morning and as needed during the day for work or study sessions and “Get Shit Done”!

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