Edwards Crunchy Living is a blog created to promote healthy clean living, but as a mom I also know the importance of having a place to come to for parenting advice, birth stories, recipes, and reviews on family friendly products. By taking time to check out the site you will be able to find links to products that may be beneficial to your family as they have for mine. I strive to give our honest opinion and will say it how I see it, but as always what works for my family may not work for you.

What makes us different? This is my personal family story, I write about things that have or may be taken place in my family at the time. If I save money, I want you to be able to save money. If there is a new cool product or service, I am going to share that with you. I am here to tell you and show you that no two crunchy living families are the same. I do state my opinions on cloth diapers, breastfeeding, natural births, etc but they are my opinions. I share the information to be able to help guide you to continue to do your research.

My name is Carmen, I am a wife, mother to four children with another due in December 2016. I work from home and I am a sahm (stay at home mom), my children are home for the summer and we are trying to survive the last few weeks. I created this blog at first just to be able to have a voice, like talking to myself. To meet our family you can go here.

Thank you for stopping by, if you like what you are reading take a moment to follow us and stay updated on the latest.


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