Birth Stories

Every parent has a story about the birth of their child(ren), no two parents see birth through the same set of eyes. I created this section with the hopes of sharing birth stories that will inspire. Inspire families to look into all the birth options available to their families.

Below are my birth stories for you to enjoy.

Faith 4/2009– A story of a first time mom delivering at a birth center with the support of a midwife and family.

Michael 7/2011– A story of giving birth in a hospital after having issues of placenta previa and transverse. The story will help you see the fear parents have during pregnancy.

Aria 6/2013– A birth story of a home birth after having a birth center and hospital birth. This birth helped me overcome the experience of the hospital and give me the feeling that I was in power of my own body again.

Brooklyn 12/11/16– A story of a dream to go unassisted, a plan to have a midwife and a daughter who gave us a run for our money. An unassisted birth, born shortly after the call to our midwife.


Now that you have read my stories feel free to share yours as well, you can do so by emailing Any pictures you provide will be shown on your blog post. I will send you a copy before I post for you to review and approve.

Hope you enjoy!