Birth Doula

Support during labor is vital, we know that right? We know that having someone remind us in that moment when we just want to give up is crucial to keep us motivated. While our loved ones mean to do well they aren’t trained with the tools to help. A birth doula is trained to give you that support, not only to remind you that you can do it but to help you achieve the goal. The moments after giving birth you will be able to say “I did it”, you will be able to take all the credit for all the hard work you have accomplished throughout the pregnancy. All the reading and educating you did will meant something in the end.

Now reading this you may think a birth doula will support you during natural childbirth but that is far from true. A doula is able to help you weather you will be having a planned/unplanned C-section, an induction, or you are just going with the flow. We have plenty of books and links to information to share with you and your family. By the time you are holding your six-week old bundle of joy and thinking back at the birth we will have become the best of friends.

So it all sounds wonderful and you are ready to sign on the dotted line but how do you get started what is your first step. Call or email me to schedule a meeting, I would love to meet you and your partner, this will ensure we are the match made in doula heaven. My fee is simple and a deposit will be needed to hold your space on my calendar but all this can be worked out.